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Who Are We Looking For?

Our teammates are dedicated and purpose-driven. We are looking for people who are passionate about solving problems rather than just discussing them. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that our divine gifts are sufficient in growing a sustainable society.

What Do We Need?

We work with a wide range of skills and talent and our most valuable assets are our Human Resources. Our teams are made of individuals from a wide range of fields, experiences and abilities. Application is open for any of the three categories which represent our multiphasic process: Conecept Creation and "Design", Idea Structuring and "Development", and the Implementation/"Distribution" stage. Also available is the fourth category - "Resources", for other forms of participation including but not restricted to partnership and investment.

Acceptance and Placement?

Academic qualification and prior professional experience are not the determining factors for acceptance. We consider applicants based on their passion and promise. However, placements into one or more phases of operation is determined by a combination of factors such as age, field of study and demonstrated skills with more emphasis on the latter.

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Software Solutions

Our amazing league of software programmers, and our software inventors are working together to develop brilliant software solutions applicable to various fields.

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A community development project which provides a holistic approach to waste management in suburban slums and developing communities.

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